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Hot off the presses....Not Enough Bullets is out of the "hopper" and once again available for purchase!  We anticipate the return off Inky and Me and They Slept Upon Their Rifles in the near future. Until then, join Marshall for a few interesting tidbits and daily antecdotes at .

Campfires and Sipping Whiskey

Extraordinary people tell extraordinary tales.  In this collection of personal memoirs, Marshall E. Kuykendall guides us down a dusty trail of honor, joy, sadness and emotion as he highlights many of the animated characters he is privileged to have known.  From four star generals to guitar pickin’ hippies, extraordinary is just the beginning.​

Table of Contents
Foreward - John Jefferson
David LaVern Allen
L.D. Bunton
Audie Murphy
Captain Frank A. Hamer
General Clarence T. “Curly” Edwinson
James Walter “Jim” Hairston
W.S. “Bill” Peace
Dean M. Kilgore
John Henry Faulk
Ramblin’ Jack Elliott
C.N. Marsh
Dr. Raleigh R. Ross
Ken R. Hagan
Ken L. Koock
Richard “Cactus” Pryor
Cliff K. Logan
Enrique E. Guerra
George “Bo” Robinson III
Dr. William “Bill” Goetzmann
Bill and M.F.  Johnson
Michael Frary
Photo Album

Not Enough Bullets

Fabulous Hunting Book For Sale "Not Enough Bullets" or "We Kuykendall'd Um" Hunting tales from the old days in Texas from Buda to Cotulla to Marfa and beyond. 1925-1974 These are hunting stories about a time in Texas when the ranches were big and rough and the men that hunted on them were the same.

Inky and Me

"Stories about growing up on a Ranch in Texas. Some of the stories are about my father in the early days on the 101 Ranch in Hays County, Texas. Others are about Inky, my half-lab, half-shepherd who raised me. My folks sure didn't. Thank God, Inky gave me a good start."

They Slept Upon Their Rifles

Whether you are talking early Texas frontiersmen, Austin’s Old 300, the Texas Rangers, veterans of the Texas Revolution, Confederate soldiers from Texas or large Texas ranches, your talking the Kuykendalls of Texas. In his book, They Slept Upon Their Rifles, Marshall E. Kuykendall has written a fine family history of the Kuykendall family from its earliest days in Texas. Marshall Kuykendall is a descendant of Austin’s Old 300 colonist, Captain Robert H. Kuykendall, who arrived in Texas in 1821.

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